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Opening June 15th 2013 shows 6 pieces of my dream pictures.

Firlefanz Roxley exhibition "Artify the world"

Dear friends,

yesterday was the vernissage of Firlefanz Roxley's exhibition "Artify the world" in the Metropolis grid.
A great art event, really rich in variety. Besides Firle's beautiful artwork, there were readings from Chapter Kronfeld, Kueperpunk Korhonen, Dings Digital and experimental robot sounds from Moewe Winkler. DJ Genie guided us with his great 80ies music through the night, until about 3:30 am :) About 20 guests joined the event.
Firlefanz's artwork are cgi processed pictures. Pictures of fractals, pictures with moving elements, some just like oil paintings, cgi processed snapshots, even moving pictures are in Firle's portfolio. All of them telling a story on their own, and all of them grouped together and arranged in a fitting ambience. Interactive elements like chairs that are talking to you when you sit down make this exhibition even more interesting.
You can visit the exhibition on the region "Spain Latinoamerica" in the Metropolis grid, HG URL: secondlife://
I am looking forward to many more events like this, and especially I am looking forward to see more of Firlefanz's artwork in the future.
Thanks to all for making this event possible.

Love, Galen

And Apmel commented on his blog the exhibition from 11th January 2013 and added some pictures. Have a look here:

19th - 21st October FdL (Festival der Liebe)
I had been ivited by ChapTer Kronfeld to show my art work in the galleRy ART. Open for visitors until November. Read a review BukTom Bloch has written on his blog. Read the German original here.

And that it was, that´s it! My personal highlight of the FdL 2012. You must dare to touch on such a subject. You must have the staying power to find so many different ways to express confusion, aberration, pain and desperation. Manual well done, fascinating in content, disturbing, forcing to pause. Sometimes nearly reserved and "only" critical of society in statement and question. But mostly upsetting, let you feel the pain, weird, latent threatening. Above all FirleFanz managed it to lead active through the exhibition and to explain  with prosaic words and in the open chat what  is was about  and  the variations of the horror. She did it in a very repoducible way so that you could open up the attidudes of the pictures. It would be a great pity if these   annotations disappeared. I hope that they will be written down and available in the future. 
Abuse destroys. Extremely. We should - we must - know that. Someone who has a premonition of abuse in his / her personal surrounding  must not close his / her eyes or heart. He / she must act! It is possible - anyhow. Standing ovations for FirleFanz! Thanks for this exhibit.

12th of June to 26th of June: LookAtMyBack and La Baroque invited me to show my artwork in the Colore Art Gallery. On the Grand Opening many friends and gallery hopper joined me. Light & Shadow showed pictures with variations of light including pictures of rainy and misty wheather. At least the exhibition ended at September 1st.

From April to 13th of May I exhibited in maylcia´s drem world gallery together with artist Mathilde Vhargon. Many friends joined me and the feedback was impressing.

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